Color freeze liquid shine – 50ml 


This liquid shine is a gloss serum with anti-frizz effect and long-lasting control for normal hair to give ultimate shine and suppleness. The colour freeze formula which consists of lactic acid and calcium hydroxide help seal the hairs surface to ensure that the colour pigments are fixed into the hair. The self-evaporating silicone oils and UV filter increases shine and manageability whilst protecting the colour of the hair.


Perfect for:

  • Colour treated or highlighted hair
  • Hair that lacks shine

How it works:

  • Gives instant shine
  • Improves manageability
  • Nourishes & reduces frizz
  • Protects against colour fade & mechanical and blow-dry damage
  • Prevents hair breakage

How to use:

  • Ensuring hair is clean, gently work a small amount through middle-lengths and ends
  • Leave product in the hair and style as desired


We recommend using the full range of color freeze products to achieve promising results.

Color freeze liquid shine