Choose from three different shampoo’s with tone directions to suit your blonde hair the best:


  • All blondes – for any type of blonde hair to keep refreshed and bright.


  • Warm blondes – for warmer/caramel shades of blonde to keep faded blonde shades refreshed.


  • Cool blondes – for cooler blondes to neutralise yellow/ brassy tones.


A sulphate free shampoo with hydrolysed keratin and marula oil that creates new bonds within the hair fibre to leave hair feeling stronger and looking healthier. With added magnesium citrate that balances pH level with having 3 tone directions to choose from.

Recommended for aftercare at home after having in-salon advanced bonding system in your colour service.


Perfect for:

  • Blonde/lightened hair
  • Weakened hair

How it works:

  • Gently cleanses without overburdening
  • Creates new bonds within the hair fibre
  • Reinforces weakened hair structures
  • Smoothes & conditions lightened hair
  • Leaves hair feeling soft & supple

How to use:

  • Apply on wet hair and gently work into a rich lather
  • Rinse out thoroughly


We always recommend shampooing the hair twice and follow with one blondme cream conditioner or repair treatment.

Blondme - Keratin Restore Sulphate free Shampoo