Choose from three different tone directions to suit your blonde hair the best:


  • All blondes – for any type of blonde hair to keep refreshed and bright.


  • Warm blondes – for warmer/caramel shades of blonde to keep faded blonde shades refreshed.


  • Cool blondes – for cooler blondes to neutralise yellow/ brassy tones.


The bonding mask is enriched with hydrolysed keratin, marula oil and magnesium citrate allowing intense repair of the internal hair structure and creating new bonds within the hair fibre. The mask penetrates deep into the hair, balancing the moisture level and smoothing through porous hair.


Recommended for aftercare at home after having in-salon advanced bonding system in your colour service.

Perfect for:


  • Blonde/lightened/coloured hair
  • Fragile/stressed/porous hair

How it works:

  • Provides intense repair of internal hair structure
  • Creates new bonds within hair fibre
  • Balances moisture level
  • Eases detangling

How to use:

  • Apply evenly on to clean, wet hair
  • Leave in for 10-20 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly


We love blondme keratin restore range and highly recommend using this bonding mask after the blond me keratin restore shampoo for perfect end results.

Blondme - Keratin Restore Bonding Mask